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The joy of blogging…

An art form, a colourful and dynamic patchwork of words between us.

So today, that’s it: I start my own blog ! How exciting ! Another tool to reach out, communicate, meet people, and stay in closer touch with the ones who already know me… As an artist and as a person (but can I really separate the two?) I adore communicating, exchanging, conversing and this is great !

My amazing neighbour decided that it was time for me to have a blog, and he was right ! He set me up so well that I had just a tiny bit of customizing to do and I was ready to roll !  He’s the one who helped me creating my website. So, here I am in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, and with this little blog of mine I can talk to all of you, anywhere, anytime, all at once ! Isn't it cool ? With this blog, I have the intention to write often enough to keep you interested, but not too much so it stays light and pleasant for you and me… and I suppose it will take a shape of its own as we go…

Let’s make it an art form, a colourful and dynamic patchwork of words between us ! I will welcome comments, ideas, stories and whatever that is relevant in your life at the moment and that you want to share… Mostly, I will talk about my life as it unfolds… The things that move me, inspire me, the people I love, my artwork, the making of it, the process of letting it come through, the shows, the travels… Welcome to my world, and have a fantastic day !

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